Tradition, embroidery, lace, a distant past, your grandmother’s bedtime stories…if this appeals to you, you are absolutely made for a vintage wedding! A vintage wedding will bring a touch of “long-lost eras” to your perfect wedding day and offer a dreamlike atmosphere for guests and family.
The ideal venue for a vintage wedding reception is filled with history and character: the structure is warm and appealing, with an ageless aura to it, simple yet impeccable. The vintage wedding can be held in a historical residence, an aristocratic villa in the countryside, an estate set among age-old trees, or even a quaint hamlet.
For the perfect vintage gown, we suggest something light, soft, in silk crêpe, and lace, of course, the unfailing protagonist of vintage style. Depending on the season, the neckline could be high, the sleeves long, and the colors that go from ivory to cream to natural white. Or perhaps the wedding dress will be something exquisite that was passed down from mother to daughter! If this is the case, you can personalize your dress to make it unique: accessories, jewels, and the perfect choice of shoes will complete your look.
Vintage brings a palette of fairly neutral colors to mind: ivory, milk white, cream, and beige. These are lovely when accompanied with dusty rose, lavender, dusty blue, moss green or olive, as well as stronger colors like chocolate or Marsala, which are perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Flowers, when talking vintage, both for the decorations and the bouquet, we think roses, peonies, or wild flowers… harmonious compositions that are simple and with the flavor of bygone years.
A characteristic of the vintage wedding is the means of transport. Have fun choosing the model you love: the sky is the limit! You can choose anything from a stunning automobile from the ‘20s to a Vespa, which was in fashion in the ‘50s, to a sporty car from the ‘60s and ‘70s!

Highlight the period you would like to evoke with a faultless selection of details and accessories. Let us take care of you! Your Wedding in Florence will make your vintage dream come true: we will help you live a very special wedding day straight from the glorious past!

a vintage wedding recalls a past beauty mixed to present
vintage mise en place for a wedding which take care of roots
vintage details for a wedding which recall the past
after a vintage ceremony bride and goom celebrate their love in a vintage 500
bride and groom details who chose a vintage style wedding