A luxury wedding is the expression of beauty and elegance, refinement and charm. If this is the style you are looking for, you will have the chance to organize a truly unique event, creating surprising and delightful treats for family and friends.The wedding dress is that special, exclusive something that can be designed, created and crafted for you by an expert designer who will cater to your dreams, and yours alone.You will have your pick of the most refined fabrics: brocade (heavy silk fabric woven with a raised pattern); Brussels lace, which was used in the making of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown; or perhaps Duchess satin, a rich, shiny fabric that is smooth to the touch, and yet holds its shape. The sophisticated fabric and the elegant design will make your dress unique among all others for your very special wedding day. The choice of venues is infinite. You can choose from some of the most exclusive places Italy has to offer: historical estates and private palaces that are usually closed to the public will open their door just for you.Your reception will be the perfect end to a fabulous day: a menu that is created just for you by a chef, and a select choice of wines, are the ideal ingredients if you want to astonish your guests with an exceptional enogastronomic experience. The place settings should be polished and lavish: fine porcelain plates, precious customized silk table clothes. The centerpiece should be a magnificent cascade of flowers, which, along with suggestive light fixtures, will create a unique, spectacular atmosphere. The climax of the reception will, of course, be the cutting of the wedding cake, and what a cake it will be! The luxury style cake is a work of art created by master confectioners just for you.

We will take care of your needs and the needs of your guests to make sure your special day is truly luxurious, tasteful and relaxing: from the welcome party before the party to the brunch the morning after, to an exclusive tour of the beautiful sights Italy has to offer!The sky is the limit, follow your dreams, and we will do the rest.

a gorgeous and antique location is perfect for a luxury wedding
an elaborated and full of strass dressis perfect for a bride who chose a luxury wedding
usually for a luxury wedding the bride use to chose handmade shoes.png
the mise en place has to be high quality and well organized
the black diamond is unique and very rare.png
Jewels for a luxury wedding are simple and very rare
bride and groom dance in an anque family castle during their luxury wedding day