Are you a worldly bride? Is luxury and the pleasures that come with high fashion what define you? If this is the case, a glamour wedding is just the thing for you, because it is designed to impress and surprise! Glamour style is chic and seductive, a combination of classic and modern but which gives particular attention to what is going on right now in the world of fashion.
The glamour wedding dress is stylish and modern: you can choose from a fabulous siren style gown with touches of lace placed seductively to look like tattoos, or studded with shimmering stones on the bodice or the skirt… you can choose something transparent, lace perhaps, with feathers or colored inserts that create a strong contrast, or you could even choose an original dress with a short skirt in the front and a long train in the back. Tulips, cascading orchids, or calla lilies will create the perfect glamour bouquet.
A glamour wedding is something special that can be held almost in any venue, a theatre or an art gallery, an elegant hotel, a castle, or a period home. You can amaze your guests with spectacular settings: rich and sumptuous centerpieces, majestic lamps and towering candelabras, and even floral compositions that fall from the ceiling to create a cinematographic effect.
The color gold is a must for the glamour wedding. It is a precious protagonist (alone or mixed with touches of bronze or silver) that can blend beautifully with colors like champagne, ivory, red, purple, plum or violet.

Our staff at Your Wedding in Florence will cater to your every need, taking care of every minor detail to make your day a special one. Your glamour wedding will be a tribute to fashion and sophistication, a display of beauty and stylishness that will take your guests’ breath away.
Your very own, specially designed glamour wedding will certainly be the event of the year!

shining details makes the difference in a glamour wedding
metallic shoes for a glamour bride
A glamopur Mise en place with flowers and transparency
The glamour bride pay attenction to every details for having a shining wedding
Glamour bride gown is elaborated and modern
the couple hug eachother for the first ball as bride and groom