Country Chic
A Country Chic wedding is perfect for nature lovers who, however, also want a touch of style and class. Italy has so much to offer in this sense. There are restored farmhouses in Tuscany – well-known and loved throughout the world – that are surrounded by rolling hills covered in vineyards or lined in rows of cypress trees, or sun-drenched centuries-old olive groves in Puglia. You can choose between an ancient country home set among the sunflowers, an olive grove brimming with light, or a courtyard on a splendid farm estate. These are but a few of the examples from which to choose for the perfect Country Chic wedding of your dreams.
For the country chic wedding dress, lace is always a fine choice, and light fabrics that create flowing contours. The ideal dress, a beautiful country chic dress, envelops you simply and gracefully. Your hair should be swept up, a loose curl escaping from the bun to frame your face, and perhaps the odd, fresh flower pinned to your head to make the hairstyle as natural as possible.
For the table settings, we suggest long tables with lace runners or otherwise refined fabric in natural hues. For the centerpiece and the floral decorations, we suggest aromatic herbs like lavender, rosemary, sage, olive, and eucalyptus, the ultimate protagonists of a country chic table. As an alternative, you can also choose bouquets of wild flowers or cacti, or even dried fruit – cherries, wild apples and citrus fruit. Do you really want to create the perfect country chic atmosphere? Candles are the thing for you, set in rustic glasses or jars of different colors and shapes, which, together with the light fixtures, will make your wedding reception unforgettable and precious.
The highlight of the country chic wedding is the naked cake: usually a three tier cake that is covered in a thin layer of icing under which the sponge cake and filling can be seen. And why not decorate it in fruit and flowers to give it a touch of elegant simplicity?

Your Wedding in Florence is based in Florence, in the heart of Tuscany. The love we have for our region, and the fine understanding of the workings of the territory, allow us to guide and help you every step of the way in order to realize your wedding in perfect harmony with nature and simplicity.

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