If what you most desire is an elegant, refined wedding, if you are all for tradition and etiquette, the Classic style wedding is absolutely the thing for you.Classic invitations that are hand written on fine paper and sealed with wax are only the beginning.
A splendid white wedding dress is next, elegantly tailored with a cinched waist, adorned in refined lace, handmade stitch-work, and a long train and a cathedral veil to complete your look. In addition, a pearl necklace and matching earrings would be an excellent choice, or perhaps an elegant parure in white gold studded in precious stones.
The bouquet should be traditional: rounded, simple, not too big, with white, pink, or red roses. As an alternative, you may like to choose hyacinths, peonies or hydrangeas. The recommended colour is, of course, white - fundamental in the choice of your wedding decorations – which can be mixed with taupe or green.
The wedding reception can be held in any number of lovely venues: a villa, a period home, or even a castle. For the hall, we suggest round tables with white table clothes and floral centerpieces together with different sized candles or sophisticated candelabras to create an idea of airiness. It is important to follow the rules of etiquette when preparing a classic wedding, especially with regards to the table and the place settings.

Our staff will guide you through the various steps, helping you organize your perfect Classic wedding. Tradition, as we know, is in our very DNA, Italians can’t do without it…and we are particularly attached to tradition.

Bride and groom hand in hand for their classic wedding
banquet in the cloister of an ancient medieval village
White bride shoes, a bit of fashion also in a very classic day
Bride dress makes every woman a princess
Cake design is the nuptial cake trend
Bride hands detail
Wedding banquet in an old tower of a Tuscan castleo