Wedding Cakes

A true protagonist of any wedding, the wedding cake is, literally, the icing on a perfect day.
Imagine your surprise when you see the fabulous creation! After hours of intense emotions, surrounded by the love and affection of the people who are most dear to you, in a wonderful venue, the cake of your dreams is the sweet end to a perfect day full of love and joy. Expert cake makers will prepare a work of art to satisfy your dreams and make this day a deliciously sweet one!
Whether you choose a classical, two-tier wedding cake, or prefer a traditional Italian cake, the design and composition will be stunning. Colors, flowers, and decorations: every detail will be specially planned to make sure that your cake is in perfect harmony with the style of your wedding, and that it is as amazingly beautiful as it is delicious.Traditionally, in Italy, confetti (almond filled candies) are said to bring good luck. They are placed among the sweets on the desert buffet, and in bomboniere, party favors, to be given to the guests. Did you know that they now make different types of confetti? They can be filled with almonds, or chocolate, or champagne or even citrus fruit.

Interesting Facts

It is an Italian tradition to give the guest ‘confetti’ candy at the end of the wedding day. They are small, delicious oval sweets made of sugar covered almonds. They bestow upon the newlyweds five special qualities: health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness. And this is why the bomboniera (wedding favor) holds exactly five.