Wedding Transportation

Let your fantasy go wild when deciding how to travel to your wedding: the possibilities are endless!
Would you like a luxury car to carry along a road towards an elegant villa on Lake Como? A romantic gondola in the splendid Venetian lagoon, or even a Vespa scooter to speed along the roads of Rome, like in the classic film La Dolce Vita? And what would you say to a vintage car, or a carriage drawn by white horses to give you a feel of the ancient cobblestone streets of Florence? Truly anything is possible: a vintage three-wheeled Ape car to enjoy the Amalfi coast, perhaps, or bicycles, or even a helicopter, a boat and so much more!
We have a vast assortment of vehicles for you to choose from, and our experts will make every part of your drive absolutely perfect.
We will also take care of your guests, making their trip to the church or to other venues as relaxing as possible, and their stay in Italy a comfortable one to make this special moment as pleasant as possible.

Interesting Facts

In ancient Rome, pots and vases were tied to the vehicle on which the newlyweds traveled so that the noise would scare evil spirits away. Today we use strings of tin cans tied to the couple’s car. It is an amusing way to wish the couple all the best in their future together!