Special Jewelry

We now come to the choice of the wedding rings, which are certainly one of the protagonists of this section. The wedding band can be in white, yellow, or red gold, with three interlinked rings, with a precious gem, or even classically simple with a smooth finish. It is a choice that you alone can make, because the ring is something special that should reflect your personality and the style of your wedding.
When you think of the art of Italian goldsmithing, you, of course, think of Ponte Vecchio in Florence. For over 400 years this unique bridge has hosted prestigious goldsmiths: their art is unrivaled, and the quality of their gold undisputed. Our master goldsmiths will be able to create the perfect jewels for your special day: earrings, hairpins, necklaces for the bride, and cufflinks or tiepins for the groom.
The creativity of our artisans has no limits, but it does have one aim: creating the jewelry of your dreams.

Interesting Facts

Why do you wear your wedding band on the ring finger of your left hand? The ancient Egyptians wore their wedding bands on their left ring finger (called ring finger for this very reason) because they believed that a vein ran through that finger directly to the heart. This tradition was then adopted by Christians, and is a tradition we still respect today.