Protestant Ceremony
In Italy, the Protestant faith is exercised in several different churches: Adventist, Anglican, Baptist, Evangelic, Lutheran, and many more. A Protestant ceremony can be performed in churches in some of Italy’s major cities (Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples), but also in splendid villas, castles, gardens, and fabulous resorts.

The Protestant ceremony has few restrictions: it is characterized by elements that can vary depending on the tradition and theological teachings of the specific religion, and those which are common to all. The ceremony generally starts by greeting the guests, followed by an introduction, the readings of the Sacred Scriptures and the Declaration of Consent. Your guests will participate actively in the ceremony, singing hymns and repeating the promises together with you. The service will end with an exchange of vows and rings, followed by the Blessing.

If you want your ceremony to be legally binding, we’ll take care of all legal documentation, and will be a precious intermediary between you and the minister celebrating the wedding.