Photos and Videos

Your wedding day will be a memorable one, a moment you will always cherish; the assistance, therefore, of skilled professionals who will be able to capture those special moments in pictures is essential.
A talented wedding photographer will make the bride and groom feel perfectly at home, while taking pictures of the most important moments of the day. That person will capture every detail of your wedding, the atmosphere and vision you so desire.
Our work has led us to identify and employ the best of the best: expert photographers who know how to capture every gesture, expression or pose naturally, and always poetically. They have the soul and sensitivity to interact with any couple, from any land, or any culture. It isn’t just a question of a snapshot or two, a picture or a close-up, it is a memory to be savored a lifetime, something which, in time, will move you every time you pick up your photo album, allowing you to relive the special moments with the people dear to you on your magical day

Italy: the perfect backdrop for you wedding photos
Italy will provide you with the perfect setting in which to capture the most beautiful moments of your very special day. Do you like art? Florence, Venice or Rome are open air museums that will be perfect for you wedding day photos. Do you prefer a simple setting, a more natural one? The Tuscan countryside, from the Chianti countryside to Val d’Orcia, with its splendid colors of gold and light pastels, or a fantastic farmhouse in Puglia, will provide a perfect backdrop.

Wedding videos
You can make your special day eternal by having a professional video created to tell the tale of your love.
Technology today offers incredible possibilities (have you ever considered having a drone immortalize the castle where your reception will take place?) which, together with the right music, perfect frames and excellent editing, will create a film of your wedding to watch and share even on-line, and with the people you love.

Interesting facts

The First Look is something everyone appreciates today: it regards a series of shots taken a few minutes before the ceremony, when the couple first see each other after the preparations, the dress and the makeup. It is a moment that is reserved for the couple, and the couple alone, a moment that loosens the tension, the moment in which you are exposed to the beauty of the person you love, a totally spontaneous, sincere moment.
In Italy, the First Look is not yet widespread: the religious ceremony makes it impossible for the groom to see the bride except after entering the church.