Music and Special Effects

Music is definitely the most universal language of all. Wherever your guests may come from, a careful selection of music will help you share your emotions, the joy and fun.
Church weddings can rely on the classic sound of organ music, the suggestive notes of a harp or a violin, a choir or even an operatic voice. For a civil ceremony, the music repertoire can be expanded to include the soundtrack of your favorite film or the melodies of modern artists. Let’s not forget, however, that the party will continue even after the ceremony! Once the momentary tension has subsided, the bride and groom and their guests can “let their hair hang down”, so to speak, and dance the night away. Would you like an orchestra to play into the night? Would you like traditional dances to liven the party? And what about a DJ who is in tune with your tastes? Whatever the choice, Your Wedding in Florence will be there to advise you, guide you, and help you create your own personal soundtrack.
And what about adding a touch of class to the event, a stroke of genius that will make the difference? There are numerous side effects that will thrill your guests: pyrotechnics, lights, waterworks, fireworks, violin players on stilts, jugglers, soap bubbles.
The sky is the limit!


The notes of your favorite song would be perfect to get the party started! And so…why not surprise your guests by taking dancing lessons beforehand? The outcome would certainly be a great success!