The Marriage Proposal

If you are the bride, skip this section! You can, of course, hint that your loving other-half should read it, or even just print it out for him and - nonchalantly - leave it out for him to find…In fact, these lines are meant for the person proposing!

The marriage proposal is one of the most exciting moments for any bride. It often marks the beginning of a magical period during which the future bride dreams of her perfect wedding day, the most beautiful day of her life. She spends hours, days, and weeks dreaming about the magical moment, and planning every single detail.

How to propose

Movies have taught us what a marriage proposal should look like: he (or she) kneels before their loved one and asks, “Will you marry me?” Then out comes a little velvet box and from it appears a marvelous ring. Some crying takes place, tears of joy, of course, and then a whole-hearted “Yes!” follows.
But there can be so many variables!
You could ask your special person to marry you in a romantic vineyard while a violinist plays your favorite song. You could hide the ring in a cup of champagne or in a birthday cake…You could prepare a treasure hunt: messages, notes, and packages that guide your loved one to the special place where you are waiting to propose.
You could have the proposal light the sky from a neon sign as you glide past on a gondola in Venice.
You could even fill the room with heart-shaped balloons, rose petals or chocolate tidbits.

Trust us: we will help you find the perfect way to make your special day unique, surprising, exciting and terribly romantic!