Hindu Ceremony
For us as wedding planner it is always very thrilling to organize a hindu ceremony: the longlasting celebrations, colours and ceremonies, different from the ones we know, make it really special! Rely on us to create your unique wedding!

We will prepare your Mehndi in order to let it be an intimate and unforgettable ceremony: your hands and feet will be beautifully decorated with henné and will become true works of art.Your celebrations will go on during the Sangeet, when all your guests will dance and sing about the wonderful life you’re going to share together.

Adorned with beautiful choora bracelets, the day of the wedding you’ll wait for your groom arriving on a horse, preceded by a joyful procession. Flowers and colors will decorate your gazebo (Mandapa) under which the Samagree, the sacred fire, is lit: both the moment when you’ll hear the ancient Sanskrit words of the ritual, and the one when you’ll exchange garlands of flowers and fruit will be very touching. The Purohit will ties your robes together and you’ll make offerings to the sacred fire, thus obtaining a blessing. The marriage ends with the Seven Steps, the first seven you’ll walk together to confirm your union. It will be a unique moment!