Hairstylist and Makeup

Hair and makeup are an important part of the bride’s look: perfect hair and impeccable makeup can make all the difference in the world and accentuate even the simplest of gowns.
Even if you are experienced in hair and makeup, we suggest you place your trust in expert professionals on your very special day.
Your makeup should not only give your skin a refined glow, but it should hide possible imperfections, while taking your personal style into account: you can ask for a light touch of makeup for the morning or something more pronounced for the evening. If your wedding makeup is well applied, it will be perfect in your photos and unaffected by the elements and, of course, your tears of joy!
The perfect hairstyle should highlight your features. There are so many hairstyles to choose from, and we suggest surfing the web, Instagram and Pinterest to find the special one for you, but we also suggest you trust the knowledgeable hands of our skilled experts, who will cater to your needs, giving you the special look you have been dreaming of. You may like your hair down instead of up in a bun, or, perhaps, with a special added touch (for example flowers or a precious hairpin).
A talented makeup artist and a skilled hairdresser will help you create a look that will last the whole day long, and which will suit your taste and dress perfectly. Attention to these details is important and will help make your day an extraordinarily special one.


We suggest you ask a friend or family member to carry a beauty-case with the accessories you may need during the ceremony and later on, at the reception: a comb or brush, hairpins, and, of course, a little makeup to touch up your face is always helpful!