Flower Design

Floral arrangements are a fundamental part of a wedding because they create a backdrop, they set the stage, so to speak, for the beautiful event. Like your hair, makeup, and gown, flowers, too, will exalt your style and character, adding harmony to your perfect day.
The choice of the bouquet is a delicate part of the organization of your special ceremony, because it should reflect the taste of the wedding gown very closely. The bouquet often sets the tone for the flower arrangement during the ceremony and the reception.
We would like you to follow your heart, to be inspired, and then to allow our expert florists to kindly and skillfully guide you in the choice of flowers, often depending on the season, and the arrangement.
The floral decorations will be prepared according to your very special tastes and desires.
Along with the fresh flowers - beautiful and made to last the whole day long - you can choose particular objects and accessories (candles, ribbons, lanterns, sheer curtains) to give the perfect touch to your style.

Interesting Facts

The traditional throwing of the bouquet was started in France in the 14th century, when obtaining a piece of the wedding gown was said to bring good luck. This idea of “sharing” in the good fortune of the bride has changed today to what we know as the “throwing of the bouquet”. At the end of the banquet, the bride’s bouquet is thrown over the bride’s shoulder to the group of single women among the guests who compete to catch it. According to tradition, the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next lucky bride.