Civil Ceremony
There are numerous possible venues in which to celebrate a civil registrar ceremony in Italy. A classical venue is, of course, City Hall, often housed in historical buildings in the city center, structures that are marvelously decorated in frescoes and reliefs…but there are so many other options available, like, for example country estates, small hamlets, imposing mansions or Medieval castles, or even the terraces of hotels with breath-taking views over cities and beaches: Italy offers an infinity of options for every taste, and absolutely all your dreams. Many cities will even delegate the reading of the passages to parents or friends, thus making the wedding even more intimate and personal.

Civil weddings are officiated by the mayor or state official or, upon appointment, by someone dear to you, and they can be held in a structure that is approved by City Hall: this is done to make sure that the wedding is legally recognized. Weddings are officiated in Italy with, if necessary, the presence of an interpreter, and they usually last 20 minutes. During the ceremony, the Italian Civil Code is read, and the couple is free to personalize this special moment with the addition of music, readings and anything else the couple desires.

Foreigners must sign the necessary legal documents 2 or 3 days before the ceremony takes place. We will take care of all other legal documents!