Catholic Ceremony
Some of the most beautiful and ancient churches in the world are right here, in Italy. The choice is endless: small and quaint parish churches lost in the countryside, enchanting medieval churches, marvelous renaissance or baroque churches, masterpieces in their own right, enhanced with statues, frescoes and reliefs.

To marry in a Catholic church you must: be single or have an annulment issued by the Sacred Roman Rota; present a Certificate of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation; obtain permission from a Bishop; present a letter that states that you have fulfilled all the Pre Cana Classes.

The bride and groom must have at least one witness each (of age). Being a liturgical rite, a Catholic wedding follows rather strict traditional guidelines, which allow for limited personalization.

The religious ceremony can be celebrated in Italian or, with the aid of an interpreter, in other languages…The bride and groom make a donation to the church for the service.

For the religious rite to be legally binding, a ban must be posted in the town of residence within six months of the scheduled date (no earlier because legal documents have an expiry date). Within two months of the wedding these documents will have to be delivered to the Curia, which will validate them. Foreign couples will have to consign the documents to the Curia within two months of the wedding.

There are no set rules nor limits when celebrating a wedding anniversary. Every single aspect of the ceremony can be chosen and organized according to your wishes and tastes. And although it has no legal standing, it is, however, a wonderfully touching moment and a splendid way to renew one’s love.