In Italy you can marry in a villa, in a vineyard, on a beach, or in a beautiful garden. Whatever the venue you may choose for your wedding reception, it is important to unite the beauty of the setting with the tastiness of the food: a delight for the eyes and the palate!
Based on the choice of venue for your wedding reception, and on the style, you can choose either a buffet or sit-down meal. We believe that alternating the main courses with a buffet of aperitifs and desserts is an excellent choice: it would allow your guests to move freely if so desired, and would satisfy the tastes of everyone present. The correct mise en place, together with a centerpiece of flowers and candles, would create an enchanting atmosphere!
Whether you prefer to seat your guests at quaint round tables that respect the theme of your wedding, or at a long table where you can be seated all together... the choice is up to you. Whatever you select, there is one thing that you will never have to worry about: the quality of the food! One of the many reasons to choose Italy, and Tuscany in particular, for your wedding is the delicious food our country has to offer. We are famous in all the world for the quality of our dishes, and the excellence of regional wines. Years of experience in the field have helped us identify and select excellent caterers and chefs who will care for your every need, creating a menu made for you!
One of the most delightful moments for the couple is the taste testing that comes prior to the wedding reception!

Interesting Facts

Among the foods that bring the most luck on an important occasion we find the pomegranate: during the Roman Empire, brides braided their hair with the branches of this plant because it was said to bestow fertility. Rice, too, is considered lucky, and that is the reason why it is showered on the newlyweds after the ceremony.