Venice, is the most romantic city in Italy, and one of the most visited locations in the world. If you have always dreamt of a wedding set in another epoch, with sumptuous clothes, and noble palaces, Venice is the place for you.

The floating city

Venice is like no other city in the world: there are no roads, nor cars, just canals and…water! The buildings are surrounded by water and the only way to travel from one place to the next is by vaporetto, speedboat or gondola. Venice is the only place in the world where you can reach the wedding in a romantic gondola. It is an unforgettable experience that both the happy couple and their guests will never forget.

The unhurried transportation system, the beauty of a city that has remained unchanged throughout the centuries, the enchanting Venetian buildings that call to mind the pomp and splendor of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, along with its somewhat nostalgic, decadent air will make you wedding an unforgettable experience. Your photographer will be awarded an endless choice of places to take your wedding photos: unforgettable, quaint, unique corners in one of the world’s most enchanting cities are waiting to welcome you.

Between luxury and intimacy

Venice is visited by millions of tourists every year, and yet, all you have to do is duck into a side alley, or a quaint lane to find a corner of paradise on your way to Piazza San Marco. Silent squares, which in Venice are called campi and campielli, offer the happy couple delightful moments of intimacy.

Venice, thanks to the glorious tradition of the Maritime Republic, which expanded throughout the Mediterranean and beyond, offers the tourist an array of aristocratic buildings, many of which have been transformed into luxury restaurants and hotels that are the ideal place for a wedding.
Imagine sipping cocktails with your family on the terrace of a grand hotel that overlooks the magnificent Grand Canal, or in the shade of a romantic pergola in the private garden of a noble residence just off the canals.

Unforgettable ceremonies and receptions

The Laguna offers numerous locations where to celebrate your wedding: couples who wish to realize their dream wedding with a religious ceremony will have a choice of antique churches throughout Venice, and can choose the special place just for them. Those couples who wish to have a civil ceremony, or a symbolic one, can choose from a number of historical buildings in the center that provide a unique Gothic, Baroque or Rococo backdrop.

There is a vast choice of venues for the wedding reception both in the city and outside Venice: historical palaces and villas with huge decorated halls, and exquisitely kept gardens where you can enjoy your marvelous feast with family and friends with the help of the finest professionals in the sector.

The magic of carnival

Carnival time (in February) is undoubtedly a magical, enchanted moment in Venice. Thanks to the vast number of people in period costume and splendid, exquisitely made Venetian masks, the atmosphere is both unique and fairy-tale like. It is made even more special by the theme dances one can attend, and which are held in historical buildings throughout the city. Your wedding in Venice during carnival will be a fairy tale come true!