Rome is known throughout the world for its thousand year old history: centuries of history, art and culture make it the destination of millions of travelers every year. And yet Rome is a romantic, welcoming city. Why should you choose Rome for your very special wedding day? Here are a few very good reasons:

Rome is a unique city

Imagine walking among the ruins of the Roman Forum, among columns, arches, and monumental stairways until you reach the Colosseum, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Or imagine losing yourself along the quaint alleyways of Trastevere among local markets full of enchanting scents.
And then, at dusk, imagine stepping onto the marvelous terrace of a luxurious villa from which you can admire a view of the Roman rooftops, while sipping wine in the evening breeze.
What other city in the world can offer so much history, good food, wine and an enchanting sunbathed atmosphere?

Rome is situated in an ideal place: it is right in the center of Italy.

Have you ever looked at a map of Italy? It is shaped like a boot. And Rome is right in the center, half way from all the principal destinations. And as the saying, not unintentionally, states: all road leads to Rome. Rome hosts two airports, one of which is international and links the metropolis to all the major cities in the world. It is also easily reachable by train and by car. Organizing a ceremony in Rome is, therefore, very simple logistically; and bringing parents and friends from all parts of the world is child’s play!

Mild climate all year long

The climate in Rome is pleasant all year long. The weather is mild from March until November, and winter, too, is often warm enough to leave your coat at home. This means that organizing a wedding ceremony in the open, in a garden or on a breathtaking terrace is possible throughout the year. Some of our most beautiful weddings were performed in January, in the heart of winter, in the tepid light of a sunlit Rome. And, for that matter, the golden hues of October are no less enchanting!

The myth of La Dolce Vita, like in a movie

When you think of Rome, images of great films often come to mind: La Dolce Vita with the Trevi Fountain, the cobblestones echoing under the wheels of a Vespa scooter, like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Vacation, a cool gelato in hand, like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, or the suggestive strolls of the protagonist of La Grande Bellezza. There must be a reason why the Eternal City has inspired centuries of painters and sculptors, but also actors and film directors. For this reason, a wedding in Rome will make you and your special person the protagonists of your very own romantic movie, a romantic movie with a very happy ending.

Italian cuisine

Rome offers an amazing assortment of food, not only for the perfect wedding feast, but also for the days before and after the special event. Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world for its variety, and local dishes are the best way to go. You can choose from the classic Roman trattoria, which serves popular dishes, to the refined, starred, gourmet restaurants, and let’s not forget the fine choice of ethnic foods, as well as vegan and macrobiotic ones! The assortment and quality offered is endless, making your culinary wishes, and those of your guests, absolutely achievable.

Rome is said to have over 900 churches: in actual fact, it is the city with the largest number of churches in the world, and not just Catholic churches. Along with the Vatican and its magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica (and Michelangelo’s dome, which the Romans so love), Rome is dotted in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque churches. If you are Anglican, you may like to know that the Anglican Church is in a marvelous spot for a wedding…at just 100 meters from Piazza di Spagna! Other protestant churches in the city are: Presbyterian, Evangelical, Lutheran, and Baptist; and there is an Orthodox Christian church also! If you wish to have a Jewish ceremony, there are synagogues in the city that offer services in Italian, Sephardic Jewish, or Yiddish.