Italian Lakes

You may think that Italian lakes have only become a glamour destination thanks to people like George Clooney and other Hollywood celebrities who have recently decided to buy a home here, or perhaps because the incredibly popular 2007 Casino Royal and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones movies were shot on a lake in Italy.
In actual fact, numerous poets and writers, artists and painters from the past, both recent and distant, fell in love with the Italian lakes. They undoubtedly present the visitor with unique, breathtaking, unforgettable landscapes.
Historically, noble families from all of Europe chose to spend their winter months on our splendid lakes. Their time was either spent walking leisurely along the romantic lakes, conversing in literary circles, or enjoying pleasant encounters with family and other nobility. It is for this very reason that today numerous noble residences have been turned into luxury hotels.

An elegant refined wedding

Imagine exchanging wedding vows in an elegant and romantic period home located on a small peninsula that stretches onto a peaceful lake. Imagine taking a small craft to reach a tiny island in the center of that lake to celebrate the intimate wedding of your dreams, far from curious, probing eyes.

A dream wedding among inebriating scents and history

Just think! A wedding celebrated in the open air, in a wonderful wisteria-scented garden with a view of the lake. Your dream will come true as you walk along flower lined gardens, past age-old statues that embody the history of this enchanting place, and before your clearly enthused loved ones.

Which lake?

Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Como are the most famous lakes in Northern Italy: they are different environments that offer the perfect venue for your dream wedding.An elegant wedding, in a fantasy-like location, set against a wonderfully beautiful backdrop… this is what a wedding on Lake Como can represent. Boat trips to the Borromee Islands, to lush tropical gardens - which give you an idea of the climate – and to Baroque Residences: this is Lake Maggiore. And if you are looking for a refined, romantic corner, you can ask us for a tour of the medieval castles that coast Lake Garda.

Luxury weddings

Historical villas on the lake surrounded by Italian-style gardens where the scent of lemon fills the air with every breeze, picturesque towns suspended on a mountain overlooking the lake, ancient parish churches, Medieval castles or lake-front City Halls…choose a lake you love, any of our wonderful, enchanting lakes, and your dream wedding is assured.


Italian lakes are easily accessible from Milan, Brescia, Verona and Venice. We will help you plan your journey from the nearest airport or train station, and will be at your disposal to organize hotel transfers. Logistics? We’ll take care of them so you can concentrate on the wedding of your dreams.