The Amalfi Coast and Capri

The Amalfi Coast and the islands in the Gulf of Naples like, for example, Capri, are among the most beautiful scenic places in Italy. They not only attract countless numbers of tourists each year, but also famous people who have chosen to celebrate their special “I do” before the Faraglioni, the cliffs, of Capri, or perhaps even on a stunning terrace that looks out over the sea at Ravello.

A territory that is kissed by the sun
The uniqueness of this stretch of the Southern Italian coast has made it the protagonist of numerous films and publicities: cliffs jutting out onto a royal blue sea; a colorful array of flowers and lusciously scented lemon groves; pastel-hued homes lining enchanted towns; and a radiant sun that shines practically all year long.

Where to wed on the Amalfi Coast
Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Capri are among the most famous locations on the coast. Each town has something unique and special to offer its guests. You can choose a picturesque town in Positano, lovely multi-colored houses situated high on the mountain tops, or the very glamorous Capri, the island of the VIP. You can get lost in the white stone paved alleys of towns that are less famous but just as beautiful and quaint. Or you can let yourself be won over by the amazing Sorrento panoramas.

So many possible locations for a wedding
Imagine your wedding in the garden of a centuries-old villa amidst a palette of amazing colors: the brilliant blue sea, vivid pink bougainvillea, sunny yellow lemons… and then at dusk, when the lights illumine the landscape, a fairytale like enchantment envelops the view. Quaint and family-run, or luxury and five star hotels with panoramic views of the sea await you and your guests for a wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Why choose the Amalfi Coast?
The Amalfi Coast is the ideal wedding location for anyone who desires a truly romantic wedding in the open, in a sun-kissed land. There is no place in the world that can offer both an amazing view of the sea, and the warm hospitality of Southern Italy with its delicious, genuine cuisine.

In Italy pizza is delicious everywhere, but if one place rises above the rest, that is in the south. Pizza, mozzarella, pasta, fish, and limoncello… all unique flavors born from this land. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fine cuisine that will be prepared for your wedding reception: refined and savory dishes that will delight your guests. So many star-studded chefs are from this very part of Italy!And what can we add about the sweets? Nothing, because everyone the world over knows just how delicious they are!