Why choose us?


Over twenty years of event creating experience makes it possible for us to offer you personalized and highly qualified services. What has crowned our success is the hand-picked selection of Tuscan and Italian suppliers, and the precious years of experience that we are happy to share with you to make your wedding day a unique event!


We are a tight-knit, multilingual team of fourteen, and each one of us contributes our own particular qualities and expertise to the whole: wedding and event planners, graphic designers and travel agents are at your service to make your special day an exceptional one!


Rita, the founder, is an Italo-American wedding planner who grew up in New York, Rome and Florence. A people-person, she is known for her ability to understand her clients, their needs and desires, their tastes and traditions, no matter where they are from in the world!


Our knowledge of the territory is vast. We have worked in every region of Italy, and we know our Bel Paese, this beautiful country of ours, well. We are located in Florence, the heart of the Renaissance, thus, the love of art and beauty is deeply rooted. We would love to guide you through the most enchanting, romantic corners of this stunning country.


Our profession means everything to us, and we carry it out with passion and dedication. Your wedding plans will be our wedding plans, because making people happy is our main objective. It is what we care about most, and it is what inspired our motto: “Your happiness is our joy”!


Our suppliers are known to say that we always work with a smile! Respect and trust are what underline our collaborations: the harmony, the connection, is clearly visible and will give added value to your special day.


We are meticulous, and particularly attentive to each and every detail of our clients’ weddings. We exercise discretion for both the client and their special day, because we believe it is a fundamental aspect of our profession.


We like to protect our clients’ privacy and everything related to the organization of their wedding. We consider this a fundamental part of our profession.


Whether your wedding is an intimate affair or a family reunion with guests from every part of the world, our agency is the one for you. Our years of experience in the field will allow us to plan your trips, accommodation, and transfers in the very best of ways.

Key People

Rita Tavella
Rita Tavella Founder and CEO
Wedding Planner

Rita is an Italo-American who was raised in New York, Rome and Florence.
She was born in New York and spent part of her childhood there before moving to Rome where she studied law.

While studying in university, she worked as a hostess for numerous congresses and conventions: she found this part-time job stimulating and so exciting that she chose to make the organization of events a lifetime career. She worked for 10 years in a leading agency based in Rome; looking for new opportunities, in 2006 she moved to Florence where she founded MCR Conference.

Twenty years of experience in the field of event planning has inspired her to create and manage Your Wedding in Florence.

Viola Focardi
Viola Focardi Travel Manager
Wedding Planner

Viola is very passionate about traveling and different cultures: this led her to dedicate herself to tourism and event organization, gaining a 18 years experience in the field.

She graduated in art history and adores Tuscany: she’s a licensed tour guide for Florence and its Province, and loves to spend her weekends discovering hidden spots of the region to suggest to clients and friends!

Reliability, expertise and kindness are the peculiarities allowing her to create unique and unforgettable events: what truly fulfills her is to help the couples realize their dreams in the most important day of life.