Wedding etiquette

23 April 2018
by Your Wedding in Florence

The wedding banquet and place settings


Every wedding is different, and follows specific guidelines. There are, however, certain rules of Wedding Etiquette that list the dos and don’ts of a wedding ceremony. These rules regard the bride and her guests.

We can divide the wedding into two macro-moments: the ceremony and the banquet. The Wedding meal is very complex and must follow certain rules and have a precise structure.


The banquet must be harmonious: the venue and the place settings, the seating arrangement and the choice of the menu. For this to be perfect, the bride (after removing her veil and having her hair fixed by the bridesmaids) must lead the guests into the hall for an aperitif, together with the groom and his mother, the mistress of the house.


If there are numerous guests at the banquet, a board with the tables and relative seating arrangement should be set at the entrance of the hall. It is a nice idea to provide a book for the guests to sign, a place in which they can express their thoughts and congratulations for the newlywed couple.


The seating arrangement must be organized to put people who know each other at the same table. It is also a good idea to place guests with similar interests together, especially if they do not know each other, alternating men and women.


For the couple and their parents:

  • the place of honor is reserved for the bride, the most important person on that special day;
  • her groom, the special man of the day, sits on her left;
  • the groom’s father, the maid of honor, the father of the bride and another bridesmaid sit on the bride’s right;
  • the mother of the bride, the best man (or the officiant), the mother of the groom and another man from the wedding party sit on the left of the groom.



The shape of the tables depends on the number of guests and the size of the hall:

  • The traditional solution, if few guests are involved, sees the placing of a single u-shaped or e-shaped table where the bride occupies the central seat on the sorter side with the groom on her left.


  • If, on the other hand, there are numerous guests, tables of six or eight are to be preferred, either round or rectangular, with a bigger table of honor (also round or rectangular) which can host the bride and groom, their parents, the best man and the maid of honor, and also the officiant if present, and which is situated in front of the other tables. A majestically set table just for the bride and groom is also an option.


Whatever you may choose, whether you choose to respect wedding etiquette or not, make sure to organize and plan your special day tastefully, and take all the time you need to decide what style you prefer – from the banquet to the seating arrangements. Here for you are some of the best magazines to consult, and some of the most interesting articles to read, or perhaps you can just contact us, Your Wedding In Florence.


Other articles on wedding etiquette in the next issue.