Honeymoon: a journey that celebrates the start a new life together!

09 April 2018
by Your Wedding in Florence

After months of preparations and stress, the maddening organization of the wedding is finally over and the desire to take a dreamy honeymoon begins. It is a moment to relax, leave the world behind and enjoy the beginning of married life together. A perfect Honeymoon is exactly what it takes, and it is the best way for a couple to enjoy a fantastic and exciting moment of relaxation to plan their future life together. He and she alone. Together, Finally.


There are so many stories behind the Honeymoon, but the most famous is probably the one passed down from ancient history: in Babylonia , and later in Rome, on the day of the wedding the bride and broom were given a huge amount of mead, enough to last them a whole month (for the first moon). Mead was considered the “drink of the gods”; it is a nectar made from fermented honey, and it was said to have excellent aphrodisiac properties. While in the Middle Ages, honey was given to the bride and groom after the wedding for the wedding night. At the time, honey was very expensive and therefore a status symbol.


It was only in the 19th century that “Honeymoon” was used to mean the journey the couple would take together after the wedding. It was coined when noble English people who were trying to escape social obligations began to isolate themselves in their summer estates after the wedding. This Anglo-Saxon fashion arrived in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, and with the passing of time has become the journey we know it to be today: a time to relax and get used to a new family while leaving the one of origin behind.


The Honeymoon is a very particular moment and undefined in both time and space: it is a pause that is neither the before nor the after. It is a sort of limbo, a time suspended, something that precedes and prepares for real married life.


And finally, you young couples, please remember that this is the perfect place for a honeymoon! A honeymoon is something you will remember for the rest of your lives, notwithstanding where it takes place, or how much you intend to spend. It will be the sum of the love you pack in your suitcase and the joy you bring with you that will make the difference. Plan you honeymoon together, look for solutions that can meet your needs and make you both happy, and then make it your very own, special Honeymoon.


The Honeymoon is the icing on the cake that fulfils your dream of a perfect wedding: it is the beginning of a journey of love that will last a lifetime.